I grew up in the near-imaginary state of Idaho, surrounded by mountains and instruments for skiing and music-making. My parents were public school teachers and brave adventurers, which I always admired.

From the dust of the West, moving to a cobblestone street in Paris was for awhile a kind of daydream; the effeminate sound of bootheels rocking down those nocturnal stones can only amuse the ears. But with time, wild landscapes from my past came creeping up through the ground, and they whispered their way into my work, and you can see them here, in amongst the faces of the pretty girls of Paris, sublime landscapes of their own as they are.

If you’re waiting for the part about where I went to school: in 7th grade I took an elective class in black and white photography. I learned to develop in a darkroom. The rest I learned from Caravaggio, Edward Steichen and Steve Snyder.

I cut my teeth in a time of rapid technical advancement in digital storytelling. We’re to the point where we can pretty much create anything we can imagine. I’d like to see us dig deeper into our imaginations, and bring softer, stranger, dreamier things to life. Cinema is young and has everywhere yet to go.

If you’re still reading this and you’re not my mom or a weird stalker, you can purchase my book here.

– M